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Anxiety of leaving any
money on the table


Anxiety of leaving any money on the table


Worry of not receiving home showings / buyer interest


Lowball offers


Hiring the transaction- chasing, unintegral Real Estate Agent


If you could sell your home for the right price, would you?

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Signature Selling Process

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Letting an Agent less prepared could cost you thousands. Our Signature Process is tried and true to get the most for your home in the timeliness manner.


Real testimonials

Thank you so much Tallon, with your hard work and dedication my house was sold in only 2 days and secured a new house within the week!!!!! Couldn't be happier!!!! Anyone looking



for a top-notch realtor that doesn't sleep until the job's done, this is your man... Thanks for all the hard work.

Tallon Jebb followed up with us for about 6-8 months before we needed a realtor, without any idea if we would need his services. He was never too forward and was always very friendly. We chose Tallon because we trusted him. Tallon will explain the entire process of selling your home and provide realistic expectations. He is friendly, patient, professional and most importantly, Tallon will get the job done! He was always available 24 hours of the day, and made sure all of our needs were met. Not only is he a fantastic realtor, Tallon is also very humble. He asked us for feedback on how he



can improve and provide better services for future clients. I’d highly recommend reaching out to Tallon. Thanks for your hard work!

Real testimonials

Tallon was so easy to deal with and made our selling and buying experience great! I would recommend Tallon to anyone! After our sale and move was complete he still went out of his way to meet all our



needs to make some new house problems easier. Tallon thank you for your time, we really appreciate everything you have done!!

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