Do the walls in your home somehow feel like they’re closing in on you?

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The Home Upgrade

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Our tailored solution for growing families has been designed specifically around:


Finding the best home for your family based on an assessment of your wants & needs


“Bullet in the Chamber” technique to sell your home for the highest $$ while securing an upgraded home for an extremely competitive price


Our exclusive possession date solution to provide you with avid move in time, ensuring a roof over your head at all times, & ZERO financing kinks transitioning from your old home


This could be one of the most important decisions you make for the future of your family, let’s take the first step!

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The combination of low interest rates and large supply of bigger homes on market currently make this the perfect timing - start today!


Real testimonials

Tallon made what appeared to be an overwhelming process at first, streamlined and super easy. He alleviated any potential headaches we thought we would have and sold our home fast so we could move into our next in a timely manner. He took care of us each step of the way and kept us informed with everything from showing



feedback to what next steps would be for our sale and purchase. Thank you so much for all your hard work Tallon!

We made the decision to sell our home this year and upgrade into a new home. We were really concerned about everything that might be involved with the process as it seemed to be confusing with a lot of moving parts! When Tallon came in for the initial consultation, he explained everything and put our minds at ease. Thankfully he sold our home quickly and we got a great



price on the purchase of our next home with his help every step of the way. We’re glad we chose Tallon.

Real testimonials

When we decided to purchase our acreage, we were under a tight timeline and needed the right person to sell our home and facilitate the buying process of the acreage. Tallon remarkably had our home sold in 14 days with some really impressive marketing and he structured the timelines so they worked for us. We were really thankful he took the stress out of the process for us and always had the right



consultation on next steps whether that was industry contacts, what to budget for, etc. Hands down the best 👍 Thanks again Tallon

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