Home Selling FAQ: Your Comprehensive Guide to a Smooth Sale in 2023

Selling a home is a multifaceted process with many questions arising along the way. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to help you navigate the real estate market with confidence.

How long are home showings?

Typically, showings last up to an hour. If an agent is running late, they communicate 90% of the time.

How much notice can I expect for showings?

We ask agents to provide several hours’ notice, ideally a day ahead. However, if a potential buyer is genuinely interested, they’ll find a suitable time even if the initial request was short notice. Note: It’s wise to keep your home 90% ready or better.

Should I take my pets with me during showings?

Absolutely. It’s essential to ensure a calm environment, free from distractions like barking dogs or hissing cats. Pet odors and hair should be addressed well before the showing.

What expenses are involved in selling a home?

Expect to budget about:

  • 1% of the sale price for closing and attorney costs
  • Approximately 3.5% for agency compensation Other expenses vary, like moving company fees or possible early mortgage penalties. Always consult with your mortgage provider.

Is the scent of my home important?

The home’s scent significantly impacts a buyer’s perception. While a fresh scent indicates a well-maintained home, be cautious with overpowering fragrances. It might raise suspicions about potential underlying issues.

Why do some homes remain on the market for so long?

Several factors contribute to this:

  • Poor location
  • Unfavorable layout
  • Need for extensive repairs The golden rule: Price and condition dictate a home’s sale potential. By controlling the marketing and pricing appropriately, you can influence a buyer’s perception of value.

What cost-effective improvements can boost my home’s value?

Focus on the home’s main areas, particularly the kitchen and bathrooms. Neutral paint colors, updated countertops, backsplashes, and flooring usually offer the best return on investment. High-quality finishes add value, while low-quality DIY renovations can be detrimental.

Will you cut your rates?

Investing in your home’s marketing ensures fewer days on the market and a higher sale price. Cutting commission could limit essential marketing aspects, potentially reducing your home’s final sale price.

Should I bother with minor repairs and touch-ups?

Absolutely! These enhance value and reduce the home’s time on the market. We can recommend skilled tradespeople to help. A well-maintained home usually fetches a better price and sells faster.

How do I know if my home is priced right?

Look for:

  • At least 5 showings in 21 days
  • Supportive feedback about the price
  • Competitive price per sq.ft

Signs my home might be overpriced include:

  • Fewer than 5 showings in 21 days
  • Repeated negative feedback
  • Low online activity and only lowball offers
  • Comparable homes are selling at lower prices

Why is proper pricing crucial?

Overpricing can exclude your property from search results, attract the wrong audience, and make your home sit on the market, leading to lower eventual sale prices. Properly priced homes also face fewer financing hurdles.

Are open houses still effective?

Although the utility of open houses can vary, they can be instrumental when the property is priced right and in good condition. It’s essential to listen to market feedback.

How is your commission used?

Our commission structure ensures that your home gets the best exposure:

  • 50% goes to Marketing and Expenses, which includes photography, website listing, advertising, and social media promotion.
  • 25% covers our operational costs like staff salaries, insurance, and training.
  • The remaining 25% is our take-home amount.

What’s the best approach to sell my home and buy another?

We recommend a three-step approach to minimize stress and ensure a seamless transition:

  1. List your current home.
  2. Only start viewing new properties once you have a potential buyer or offer.
  3. Negotiate a condition that allows you to find suitable housing before finalizing the sale.

In summary, selling a home can be smooth with the right strategy. If you have more questions, our team is always here to guide you!

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