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Home Selling Process

We leverage our in-depth market knowledge and personalized support to effectively navigate the nuances of selling your home. From detailed market analysis and grasping current property trends to accentuating the unique qualities of your home, every step is tailored to showcase your property’s finest features.

Situated in the lively communities of Grande Prairie or exuding its special character, our SELECT Home Selling Method promises a rewarding and positive experience. We bring the same dedication and expertise found in our acreage selling strategy, adapted to address the varied elements of residential property sales. Our focus is on enhancing your home’s appeal and securing the most favorable results in the marketplace.

Tallon Jebb Real Estate strives to provide an unmatched customer service of excellence on the way to the top.

Sell Your Home

Selling your House? Here's what you can expect:

Looking to Sell your Acreage: See Acreage Selling 

With our comprehensive approach and dedicated support, selling your house will be a smooth and successful experience.


Site Visit

We’ll assess your property, conduct a Comparable Market Analysis, address any concerns, and sign the necessary agreements.


Pre-list Marketing

We’ll create appealing media materials, install a lockbox, and put up a sign to generate interest before listing on the MLS.


Hit the Market

Your property will be listed on the MLS and other platforms, maximizing exposure. We’ll arrange showings for potential buyers.


Receive an Offer

We'll assess each received offer and negotiate effectively to achieve a balanced agreement. Following successful negotiations, we'll finalize the deal with a signature.


Condition Removal on the Offer

Congratulations! Your home is officially sold.


Next Steps:

We’ll assist with packing, shutting off utilities,
and signing final paperwork at the lawyer’s office.

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Sell Your Home

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Sell Your Home


Hear From Our Clients

Explore what our clients say about their experiences with Tallon Jebb Real Estate.

We made the decision to sell our home this year and upgrade into a new home. We were really concerned about everything that might be involved with the process as it seemed to be confusing with a lot of moving parts! When Tallon came in for the initial consultation, he explained everything and put our minds at ease. Thankfully he sold our home quickly and we got a great price on the purchase of our next home with his help every step of the way. We’re glad we chose Tallon.

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Ashley Goertzen Upsizer

Tallon made what appeared to be an overwhelming process at first, streamlined and super easy. He alleviated any potential headaches we thought we would have and sold our home fast so we could move into our next in a timely manner. He took care of us each step of the way and kept us informed with everything from showing feedback to what next steps would be for our sale and purchase. Thank you so much for all your hard work Tallon!

Anita Fortune Upsizer

Tallon was so easy to deal with and made our selling and buying experience great! I would recommend Tallon to anyone! After our sale and move was complete he still went out of his way to meet all our needs to make some new house problems easier. Tallon thank you for your time, we really appreciate everything you have done!!

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Sarah Smith Upsizer

Sell Your Home

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